Leave it - it's locked, come back - it's back too...
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(not really) breaking news...

Active Release: 1.2 - now with Ubuntu package and multilanguage support. See Download for details.

Nightly Builds are now available too. See the future coming there, incl. tarball and Ubuntu package (now includes new functionality!)

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What is it...

This software helps you add a little more security to your desktop. It does so by detecting one of your bluetooth devices, most likely your mobile phone, and keeping track of its distance. If you move away from your computer and the distance is above a certain level (no measurement in meters is possible) for a given time, it automatically locks your desktop (or starts any other shell command you want).

Once away your computer awaits its master back - if you are nearer than a given level for a set time your computer unlocks magically without any interaction (or starts any other shell command you want).

You find a selection of links on the left where Installation is the one you should start with. Screenshots will be included soon.

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Help always appreciated...

I decided to make this a public project as I am a believer in the Open Source Movement and also believe that security software has to be Open Source to a) be taken serious and b) being even close to secure.

You are welcome to help me develop further features, mark bugs, fix bugs, ... I make use of sourceforge's infrastructure for that so you might want to take a look at the sourceforge project site.

last update: 11-09-2007